Why You Need To Travel To Mount Vesuvius Once In Your Lifetime
By admin
Published 20/10/2015

Dominating the west coast of Italy the serial killer Mount Vesuvius stands tall as it looks down on all the sites it has destroyed since AD 79. Although the last eruption happened back in 1944 there is no telling as to when once again the local area will be filled with the same ash and soot that destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Mount Vesuvius. Photo credit: Flickr/J E Theriot

Being one of the most famous volcanos on the planet Vesuvius draws large numbers of tourists to the local area though very few have the privilege to get up close to the magnanimous giant. Although dormant, as Europe's only active volcano, Vesuvius holds power over local settlements such as Naples which makes it a top destination to visit when in Italy.

Getting Up Close

Trekking around the former Somma volcano is the perfect trip to take if you are looking for wonder, reasoning or simply a state of awe.Seeing the beauty of the natural phenomenon can open your eyes to the clever mask which disguisesthe true powers of Vesuvius.

Pompeii; via di Mercurio with Mount Vesuvius. Photo credit: Flickr/Carlo Mirante

Walking quietly along the carefully designated paths around the volcano you are presented with alternative views which give witness to both sides of the mountain.

Looking inwards and down into the crater the rough and rugged terrain shows you the darkness and destruction which is created in that very location. Knowing that Vesuvius can explode at any time can certainly be felt as you gaze into the crater.

Turning to look down upon the kingdom it dominates you can imagine the extent of the destruction that the giant can inflict. When visiting Italy it is difficult to see a beautiful land covered in ash and soot but being at Vesuvius it suddenly becomes very real.

A Dark Atmosphere

Drinking in the atmosphere which emanates from Vesuvius you can feel all the power it holds and get a sense of the despair and destruction it brings when it awakens. The impending feeling of doom is also tainted with pure awe at being so close to such a dangerous giant, which creates a feeling like no other.

The crater of the Vesuvius. Photo credit: Flickr/Erik Cleves Kristensen

Being in this unique location when visiting Italy and seeing the land which is dominated in so much fear and terror it makes you realise just how small humanity is on this planet. Throughout the Earth humanity has spread and developed but in no reality do we compare to nature's giants. With such immense power and influence which can cause death and devastation to everything in its path, Vesuvius challenges you to contemplate on our impact on the land and shows you that nothing compares to such devastation.

Many who visit Vesuvius are inspired by what they see and truly treasure what is considered one of the top destinations when visiting Italy. Whether you're brave enough to climb the mountain or just stand at the bottom and look up your experience at Mount Vesuvius will be one that you never forget.

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